Free Fire Special Event

Soccer Royale

Garena Free Fire Soccer Royale event: Football jerseys were available for a limited time so many of the fans couldn’t get them. Garena decided to bring back these jerseys set again for the fans where they announced the Football royale event in the game where players can get these sets by spinning the wheel. It’s time to grab your favorite teams jersey.

How to get epic sets of Football Jerseys

If you want the set of Football Jerseys you need to visit the in-game event center and try your luck by spinning the wheel.

Step 1- Launch the Free Fire game and visit the event section

Step 2- Select Soccer Royale event

Step 3– Spin the wheel by using Diamonds (In-game currency of Free Fire)

ইভেন্টের সময় :- ০৬/০৭/২০২১ থেকে ১২/০৭/২০২১ পর্যন্ত।


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