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Free Fire New Cover

Free Fire OB28 update is just around the corner and players are incredibly excited for all the new content that is set to be added. For updating the game, users will obtain 2x Diamond Royale and 2x Weapon Royale vouchers as login rewards between June 9th and 13th.

The developers have started dropping several previews on their social media handles, offering the players a better insight into what will arrive with the upcoming patch.This article details all the available information about Free Fire’s next iteration.

The Free Fire OB28 version will be making its way to the game on June 8th, i.e., in two days.Like all other updates, the servers will likely be taken down for maintenance till 6:00 p.m. IST. The download is expected to be made available a few hours into the maintenance period.Apart from this, ice grenades and changes in the vending machines have been leaked.

1. Grandmaster rank in Clash Squad

New Rank System

Clash Squad is one of the primary game modes of Garena Free Fire, and it has its own ranked system. With the latest patch, the Grandmaster rank will be added to the mode. They have further mentioned that the “Golden M1014” would be the new season reward.

2. Pet Rumble mode

Pet Rumble Mode

Pet Rumble mode will be opened in the general matchmaking of Garena Free Fire after the OB28 update. Previously, it was only available as a custom room game mode.

3. Character balancing

Character Balancing

Like the OB27 update, there will be a balancing in the abilities of certain characters to provide a better experience.Paloma is one of the characters who is going to be buffed. Earlier, a specific amount of AR ammo did not take up any space in the backpack. Now, after the patch, her ability will no longer be limited to the Assault Rifles.

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